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Australian GLBTI Mardi Gras this Saturday: SEX WORKERS AND SUPPORTERS FLOAT - all the info you need! [Feb. 26th, 2008|11:38 am]
Touring Escorts

Hi there beautiful cats and kittens!!

Here is ALL the information you will need for the sex worker float in this Saturday's triumphant GLBTI QUEER MARDI GRAS MARCH!


Please read through this CAREFULLY as it contains IMPORTANT info!!!! And feel free to distribute it widely throughout your friends and networkers - remember, ALL sex workers and supporters are welcome and encouraged to join us!

Ok a couple of FAN FACTS first:

* This is the biggest parade EVER. They are at ABSOLUTE CAPACITY with 10,000 people marching! Holy cow!
* This is the world's largest nighttime parade
* If you lined up all the entrants (150) it would be about 4.6km in length!
* Although the parade starts at 8.00pm the floats at the end of the parade won't leave their position in "Start" until 10.00pm! (don't worry we're not at the end!)

* The audience will be over 150,000 people.

Now, the sex worker float is in Block E. So, not too far from the start at all. Block A departs at 7.45pm so, if all goes to plan we should start marching around 8.30 - 9.00pm.

Here is what you MUST KNOW.
* Our colour theme is red and we will be carrying red umbrellas which have become an international symbol of sex worker rights. Please bring a red brolley or two (one to share) and carrying red banners. When there is a large collection of umbrellas it's a pretty impressive sight - and the bigger the brolley the more of us there appear to be! Sex worker organisations are welcome to bring their own banners. Touching Base will be marching (and rolling) with us.

* We are meeting from 3.00pm at Scarlet Alliance HQ: 349 CROWN STREET, SURRY HILLS, CNR ALBION AND CROWN. This will give you an opportunity to get ready, chat and make friends, and get "in the mood". We have accessible facilities on the ground floor at this premises.

* We MUST be in our "Start" position by 5.30PM. We will therefore be leaving Scarlet Alliance HQ between 4.45pm and 5.00pm and walking down to the parade start area. Please arrive at Scarlet Alliance HQ no later than 4.45pm.

- Without a wrist band, you WILL NOT be permitted by Mardi Gras officials into the Start area to join us. We will be giving out the wrist bands at Scarlet HQ at 4.30pm. Remember: no wristband, no marching!

* We will be in our start position for about four hours. There are toilet facilities, including accessible toilets (but not many of those unfortunately) but please bring plenty of food and drink (including water). We do not have a float, so you will not be able to store anything on the back of it, so please don't bring anything you don't want to carry the 4 or 5 kms the parade runs for.

* On the subject of stilettos: twice now I have done a parade march in five-inch stiletto heels and lemme tell ya: it's MOIDER. Make sure your stiletto heels have a platform, or choose more "sensible" (totally subjective term) footwear. Believe me, you WILL remove them at the end of the march and then your fabulous outfit will be ruined by the absence of footwear. I can proudly say I made it to the end of both marches, but collapsed immediately. (Or wear a fabulously decorated backpack to pack your heels to be pulled out 15 mins before departure!)

* Compliance checks begin at 5.30pm. Mardi gras are VERY strict about this and say those who disobey the rules will be KICKED OUT and not permitted to march. Therefore,

- Flammables and explosives of ANY type (cigarette lighters excepted)
- Pets/animals (seriously)
- Anything of dubious legality you can't secrete on your person

Now, since Scarlet HQ is very close to the parade area, traffic will probably be heavy. It might be better to take a cab, or use public transport, where possible, rather than fight for a parking spot.

However, if something terrible happens and you are unable to make it to Scarlet HQ before 4.45pm, you can contact one of the following people:

Janelle - 0411 985 135
Elena - 0401 317 102
Elise - 0413 723 205

New Mardi Gras are doing the parade a little differently this year. Since it is impossible to see when you are marching, here's a little outline.

- The Dykes on Bikes will kick off as usual, but then they will go to the back of the parade and ride through again.
- Usually they begin the parade with the biggest float. This year they are kicking it off with the '78ers', those who were there for the first Mardi Gras (in 1978 hence the 78'ers). Then the floats will gradually get bigger and bigger, capping off with an absolute spectacular!

- Margaret Cho is the Chief of Parade this year!

Please see the attached document for a run down of this info and the privacy notice. Any questions, feel free to call one of the three people listed above!

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Hot California Native, Touring AZ [Dec. 27th, 2007|07:31 pm]
Touring Escorts

www.missajay.com is in the Phoenix and Flagstaff and surrounding areas this week, thru about the 3rd.

Look me up!
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Please Support NSW Sex Workers [Nov. 19th, 2007|05:10 pm]
Touring Escorts

Dear All,

The NSW Government passed new laws this year relating to local councils agressively closing brothels that dont have an approved Development Application, which the councils often reject on moral grounds rather than following appropriate guidelines.

The Adult Busines Association of NSW, representing the large, cashed up brothels, is dobbing in their competition who haven't been able to afford the court costs of overturning councils rejections.


Please support the NSW sex workers and sign the petition/open letter to the Premier of NSW.

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$elluloid Film Night - Sydney [May. 23rd, 2007|10:30 pm]
Touring Escorts

Night of sex workers on film
$10 - Thursday 31st May, 7pm – 9pm

If you like your corn popped, your sex workers empowered, your film diverse, and documentaries dirty, then this is the night for you.

Introduced by Carmen, local sex worker personality, the night showcases short film and documentary by and about sex workers from all over the world, and a sneak peek at local talent also!

Short Films produced by:
Debby doesn't do it for free (Australia) http://www.debbydoesntdoitforfree.org/
Scarlot Harlot/Carol Leigh (San Francisco) http://whorecollege.blogspot.com/
Mirha-soleil ross (Montreal) http://lagalipote.wordpress.com/2006/12/27/306/
COSWAS, Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters (Taiwan) http://coswas.org/

and Short Films about:
Touching Base, Australian Organisation that links people with disability with sex workers www.touchingbase.org
HIV Mandatory Testing of sex workers
The Clitoris http://www.lespantheresroses.org/
The International Congress of Sex Workers 1988

and some cute animation of sex between sex toys!!!

So come and munch and voyeur with the whores of Sydney town, at

349 Crown Street, Corner of Albion Street, Surry Hills
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