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Touring Escorts

- Tips, Advice & Support

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Touring Escorts is a community created to give tips, advice and support to Sexworkers who tour.

Being a sexworker who tours can be isolating, and this community is designed to support those of us who take our show on the road, so to speak ;)

Membership is closed, and limited to only those who are currently working as sexworkers (as opposed to those who are 'just thinking about it', or who just like reading about sexwork).

Entries are not moderated, and are by default readable by anyone on the web. You are strongly suggested to make confidential entries private (ie; 'friends only'), if you'd prefer them not to be read by the general public. If you want to post a public touring schedule, with or without a link to your website, you are welcome to do so.

The 'Friend Of' list of this journal has been hidden, to protect the privacy of community members. You're welcome to post a link to your journal if you'd like it made public.